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und übrigens kann ich fliegen
past is in front of ego
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und übrigens kann ich fliegen

fantasy training for the real reality

a new project
accompanied by an installation by alexandra süßmilch

first performance
december 10th 2008 at HAU 2, berlin.
additional performances dec 12th, 13th and 14th 2008 at 8 p.m.

pre – premiere
november 5th 2008 at fabrik potsdam
within the frame of the 15th international theatre festival UNIDRAM
www.unidram.de | www.fabrikpotsdam.de


a black and white dinner party is in the foreground, struggling for words. a band of hares breezes by on roller skates, instruments strapped to their backs. some of them wear bandages on their heads, others have cowlick hairstyles. there is a hum from the prompter's box of "hoch auf dem gelben wagen", mixed with "the sun ain't gonna shine anymore" and the traffic radio. somebody steals a golden door handle. old ladies appear from the sides of the stage. with thin voices they offer paradise apples for sale from their vendor's trays. the disagreeable smell of kölnisch water spreads. on the tiled floor a flounder is practising the "dying swan ", when the back wall of the stage opens to deafening aircraft noise and reveals doge's palace at night. beside the main entrance, a big piece of facade has been quarried out, the tunnel behind it seems to lead from the stairwell directly towards the sea. accompanied by the applause of the dinner party, the shutters take off from their hinges to spend the winter in the fly loft. a motorcyclist flies after them.
(however, he only makes it up to the balcony.)
(never mind.)

opposites, as well as their limits, arise out of certain perceptual and intellectual systems. if you change your perspective, the validity of opposites might be annulled. "und übrigens kann ich fliegen" is about the attempt to perceive contradictions not as a dead end, but as dynamic and challenging. a dilemma is not necessarily a deadlock without a loophole – perhaps you just need to change your angle. starting from the popular german poem "dunkel war´s, der mond schien helle", we´ll be looking for the world of mavericks and bottomupdrinkers, exploring paradoxes and other (im)possibilities.

as an introduction to the piece may serve the wonderful essay "fliegen lernen" of dirk pilz in tanzraumberlin 11-12/2008 (only in german, sorry)

a coproduction with HAU berlin, FFT düsseldorf
supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds
in co-operation with fabrik potsdam and UNIDRAM festival potsdam