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und übrigens kann ich fliegen
past is in front of ego
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past is in front of ego

most cultures use the same metaphor in order to visualize time: space. future events i.e. “are ahead” or “approach”. the native american tribe aymara has a contrary point of view. according to their visualization of time the future lies behind us. you can only see what is in your range of vision. in other words, what lies ahead is what you have experienced so far – your past.
does this contrary placement of time and space influence your life and your point of view? how important is it that one has the ability to influence his/ her future? how does this reverse placement influence the meaning of “progress”? where in this universe do we find the space, which we consider to be past, present and future - anywhere in front of, behind or next to us?
the sensational study of professor rafael nuñez, cognitive scientist at the university of california, san diego, on the different visual angle of the aymara disturbed our current concept of time and became the source of inspiration for our choreography.

awarded at kontrapunkt festival sczcecin, poland, 2008 with the "zygmunt duczynski award for the most outstanding personality of the festival" for gregory stauffer as best performer, the university award of the students´ jury as well as the "golden review award" of the festival press. the performance had been invited as one of four german productions among works of rené pollesch, nicolas stemann and luc perceval. it also made it to the 2nd place in the audience voting.