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und übrigens kann ich fliegen
past is in front of ego
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further projects directed by anne hirth:
no palm trees. no lions. no monkeys.
cielo in costruzione
ausser betrieb



cielo in costruzione / heaven under construction

what does one do with a toaster refusing to cough up the slices of white bread? what does one do with doors without handles? with barrels without bottoms? with a bike without handlebars?
there´s always something in the way of our pursuit of perfection – be it misguided doors, other people who are out of control or our own bodies: paradise is a permanent construction site, the path leading towards it a challenge to our fantasies. a poetic research into broken objects, defective people and into the beauty of detours false paths.
“cielo in costruzione” is the final ensemble work of the 2006 graduates of the school for movement theatre scuola teatro dimitri, switzerland.


by + with valentine rey, stefanie lang, guido van hout, judith bach, giovanni jussi, martin hommel, miriam jenni, gerardo tetilla, jo ofrim bjorke, gregory stauffer, anthony trahair
idea + direction anne hirth
set + costumes silvia albarella
music hans könig & ensemble
costume assistance annekatrin trautmann
set construction joe s. fenner, ricky maggi
light design christoph siegenthaler
production scuola & teatro dimitri