büro für zeit + raum

the büro für zeit + raum (office for time + space) was founded by director anne hirth in the context of its first production „wait here for further instructions“ at the end of 2005. it is not made up of a fixed group of artists, but rather treats each new project as an opportunity to compose new constellations. the büro´s creative involvement and struggle with particular themes is characterized by detailed observation and re-examination of the accustomed perception of reality, by the research into the other points of view. the pieces are composed precisely yet associatively by borrowing aspects from performance, acting, dance theatre and installation art. body, space, light, objects and sound as well as the audience’s own associations and discoveries are equally important components of the works. the büro für zeit + raum is based in berlin; its productions have been invited to numerous festivals both within germany and abroad and have received various prizes.

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