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und übrigens kann ich fliegen
past is in front of ego
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ausser betrieb



ausser betrieb

„ausser betrieb“ (“out of order”) was developed in the context of my directing course in cooperation with acting students of the hfs ernst busch in the summer of 2003. the project was based on various mono- and dialogues taken from franz xaver kroetz´ ”furcht und hoffnung in deutschland” from the eighties, most of them dealing with the issue of unemployment. the scenes were rehearsed separately, then split into fragments which were combined and rearranged. we designed a kindergarten interior for the set and turned it into an “day-care centre for the unemployed”, into which unemployed people were brought for “controlled recreational activities”. the confrontation between the scenic material and characters caused new situations, characters and conflicts to emerge within the invented space. the routine of one entire day inside this “day-care for unemployed persons” provided the dramaturgical frame for the structure.


idea + direction anne hirth
by + with alexandra finder, andré kudella, julia maronde, robert neumann
set + costumes sabine pfisterer
text franz xaver kroetz