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und übrigens kann ich fliegen
past is in front of ego
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  blaubart - hoffnung der frauen
by dea loher

diploma staging directing studies
school of performing arts hfs "ernst busch“

first performance june 4th, 2004 at bat berlin
invitation to festival „outnow“ 2004 at schwankhalle, bremen, germany

love is alien to heinrich blaubart, salesman for women´s shoes. he crashes into women who are full of various desires: one has been worn out by love, another one’s love can be bought, one sleeps in a track bed… he fulfils their hopes in a terrifying way.
there they go
there they go
there is blood on her shoe
loher´s version of the blue-bearded man who submits his seven brides to a cruel examination: a tragic-comical piece full of dark humour about wanting-it-all, about snow in springtime and ice-cream in november. about love.


direction anne hirth
with jörg pintsch, mandy rudski, kathrin suckfiel, greta galisch de palma, miriam ternes, franziska hayner, beate schulz, nanda ben chabaane
set + costumes ingrid berger
sound design solveig hansen, peter göhler