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und übrigens kann ich fliegen
past is in front of ego
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further projects directed by anne hirth:
no palm trees. no lions. no monkeys.
cielo in costruzione
ausser betrieb



wait here for further instructions

for the bus
for the mail
for revolution
to get pregnant
for an organ donor
for christmas
for everything to be finally over
for a woman to have an orgasm
for winning the jackpot
for work
for better times
for death.

almost without words we focus on a restless stand still: why does the queen not have to wait in line? does waiting dull your mind? when does the bus leave for mombasa? can nervous tics speed up the train? how can you avoid waiting? how much does a professional “queuer” make an hour? why do i have to listen to the “little night music” while holding on the phone? and what are you waiting for anyway?

awarded best production at fringe theater festival 100° in 2006 at sophiensaele, berlin. further awarded the “kazimierz krzanowski promotional prize” and the “journalist´s prize for the most original theatre form” at the kontrapunkt festival 2007, szczecin, Poland, where the performance had been invited as one of four german productions among works of rené pollesch, frank castorf and thomas ostermeier. it also made it to the 2nd place in the audience voting. on recommendation of the goethe institute the production was invited to the reminiscencje festival in kraków in april 2007.