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Anna-Luise Recke


born in 1982 in berlin/germany, began her dance education at the prestigious palucca schule of dresden, eventually transferring to the rotterdam dance academy, where she completed her diploma for dance in 2002.
in 2001 she started performing professionally with the rotterdam based company conny janssen danst, and continued on with projects in the free scene with alexandra mijers in belgium. returning to berlin in 2003, she performed for such choreographers as christoph winkler, sommer ulrickson, chris kondek, caroline picard, maya lipsker, stereo gong vital, anne retzlaff, huber & christen, hyoung-min kim and hanna hegenscheidt .

in 2005 she obtained a two-month scholarship from the berlin cultural senate to study klein technique in new york. 2006 she was awarded a scholarship residence for arthouse lukas in ahrenshoop, germany. her work as a dancer brought her to africa, south america, korea and throughout the rest of europe.