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on the stage:

daniel bausch
ellen schieß
jürg plüss
blandine costaz
julian h. skar
fernanda farah
volker schindel
tobias dutschke
greg stauffer
florian bilbao
anna-luise recke

behind the stage:

anne hirth
silvia albarella
peter meier
arnaud poumarat
suzanne jaeschke
julia sommer
peter göhler
alexandra süßmilch

Arnaud Poumarat
light design
(*1978 in bordeaux), lives in berlin and works as a freelance lighting designer. in his work, he devotes himself to subjects such as vision, as well as the sensuality, materiality, immateriality and the musicality of light. in 2007, among others, he designed the lights for the dance production „rêves“ at the strasbourg state opera, and for a dance installation project by french director perrine maurin inside a 9m² cube. one of his first big light installations was shown at the fête des lumières in lyon in 2006; in december 2007, his “lichtkugel“, a light project with blind performers and with dancers, was presented in strasbourg. he regularly works with sasha waltz & guests and has designed the lights for luc dunberry, laurie young and nico & the navigators.